Travel guide books

Lonely Planet Japan

I used this guidebook on my two-week trip to Japan, and it was immensely helpful to find information especially in smaller towns where not much information exists online in English. I also got a few other books but this one had the best information about smaller towns. So, get this book especially if you’re heading a bit off the beaten path!

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Lonely Planet Greece

This guidebook accompanied me on a trip through Northern Greece, and was immensely useful. Northern Greece isn’t the most popular area of the country to visit, and this guidebook still had plenty of information to keep me busy! There is also a more focused Greek Islands guide but I haven’t used that one personally.

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Lonely Planet Iceland

Iceland! Probably one of the coolest places I’ve traveled yet. While I did most of my general planning without this book (it’s kinda easy: follow the Ring Road) there is a lot of information in here about small spots to visit along the way (or hidden waterfalls!) that we wouldn’t have spotted on our own.

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