Taking your career abroad

Moving abroad

  • Nomadlist – Curious about how much it costs to really live in your dream city? This ever-updating list talks about cost of living as an expat, and is really interested to read through.
  • Finding a flat in Berlin – Priceless list of abbreviations commonly used in ads for apartments in Berlin.
  • Best bank accounts for expats – Given that much of the world is still ruled by cash, having a bank account you can withdraw from without massive fees is indispensible for any traveler. I personally use and recommend Number26.

Tech tips

  • Google photos backup app – Did you know you can back up your photos directly from your camera’s memory card? With this app, you can pull photos directly into Google photos without copying them onto your hard drive’s precious disk space.
  • Digital Ocean* – I’ve used both DO and Rackspace, and by far Digital Ocean is a better option if you’re looking to host a webserver – much less expensive to upgrade as your traffic grows! Obviously, managing your own web server is not for the faint of heart, but it allows you to save money in other ways (for example, setting up your own mailserver for your domains instead of paying someone else to do it!).

Travel resources

Travel accessories

  • Muji garment cubes – Muji’s packing cubes are amazing because they also fold flat into themselves when they’re not in use and take up virtually no space. One medium lasts me over 1 week, and on longer trips I take only two.

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